The Team

Richard Guest Racing provides a cohesive team of experts, gathered together to ensure that both horses and owners receive the best care and attention.

From the all-important stable staff, who lovingly look after your horse day and night, if necessary, to the researcher who seeks out the likely races for him to run in, to the feeding expert who ensures the correct nutrition, to the chiropractor and veterinary surgeon who monitor his health, to the gallops expert who ensures your horse does his work on a perfect surface, to the farrier who looks after the condition of his feet, to the trainer who plans and individually oversees your horse's work at home and plots his racing career. Nothing is overlooked. Attention to detail is everything, nothing is left to chance.

You, as an owner, will need advice from time to time. We have people on our team who can help you with all aspects of ownership, and make it easy to get the maximum of enjoyment from your racing experience. Most importantly, communication is paramount. You want to be up to date with news about your horse. You will speak to your trainer regularly, but we also have other people who understand horses and know your horse, who can also talk to you, and will, with the trainer, look after you when you visit.

With Richard Guest Racing's team of experts, you and your horse will be looked after properly.