The Joys of being an Owner

What do I get from being an Owner?

Ownership of all, or even a part, of a racehorse takes your enjoyment of racing to a hugely different level.

From the moment you set foot on a racecourse, through an Owners' and Trainers' entrance where you collect your free admission badges to an exclusive Owners' and Trainers' Lounge, you will experience the difference. Mingling with the elite of racing, you will enjoy the exclusive facilities reserved for privileged owners, usually including free meals, and you will watch the racing from a special Owners' and Trainers' viewing area.

When it comes to your race, you will go to the restricted area where your horse is saddled and watch what goes on. You will meet your jockey, wearing your own exclusive colours, chosen by you, and listen to your trainer giving him detailed instructions on how to get the best result from your horse.

Experience the building tension as you return to the stand, and watch your horse canter down to the start. Before you know it: They're off!. And, then, the excitement builds, coming to a crescendo as the field of straining horses hit the final furlong and battle for the line to the accompaniment of the deafening roar of the crowd.

Win, and the winner's enclosure awaits you and your friends to greet your horse and jockey in victory, followed by a trip to the hospitality room for champagne and an opportunity to relive the moment on video. Whatever the outcome, our aim is to ensure that your day at the races is memorable, and a source of enormous enjoyment.

What else?

Going racing is only part of the story. A lot of hard work goes in to your horse before he ever sees a racecourse. Be part of it!

Go to the sales and join in the selection process when you buy. Watch the auctioneer's gavel hovering in mid air as he searches round to see if there is going to be another bid against you, whilst you're willing him to bang that hammer down.

Come to the yard and see your horse at work. Being an owner with Richard Guest Racing means that you are always welcome at Ingmanthorpe Stables, both to see your horse and to enjoy the extensive Owners' facilities. All that we ask is that you call us first, so we know you are coming, that way we can have it organised so that your horse works at a time to suit you. When you visit, you can follow your horse's progress, and make plans with the trainer for running where and when it suits you.

Also and importantly, we speak to you—many trainers don't. Even if you are busy, we will communicate with you to tell you what's happening. It's up to you. it can be dome in a way that suits you, phone, fax or email.

How do I become an Owner?

Becoming a racehorse owner is easy once you have taken the decision to enter that wonderful world of thrills and excitement. There are several different ways that you can own racehorses, ranging from outright ownership of a horse, through shared ownership with friends or family, to sharing a small piece of one or more horses in a syndicate with other people.

Do you know that your company can be the owner instead of you? There may be cost savings to you, and practical benefits such as promoting your business every time your horse runs.

Can I name my horse?

Yes, you can, but not always. A horse's name cannot be changed once it has been entered in a race. A lot of horses are sold unraced. There are many sales each year, from early autumn through to May, specialising in this type of horse. Richard Guest and his specialist team attend the sales and can advise you on the right horse to fit your budget. Then, you and your team can start choosing the name that is special to you. If you already have a name in mind, but you haven't found the right horse for you, we can reserve the name for you, so someone else doesn't get it before you find your horse.

What can I call my horse?

Generally, whatever you want, provided:

  • The name is no more than 18 characters long, including spaces and signs
  • The name has not been already used, or it's so close to one that has been used that confusion can be caused
  • The name is not rude, offensive or libellous

Can I choose my own racing colours?

Yes, you can, provided they are not too close to colours already in use and they fit within some rules on colours. Tell us your ideas, and we will check how close you can get. We will arrange to get the actual jacket made once your personal colours are approved.

How do I do it?

You don't need to. We do it for you. Whether it is becoming an owner, choosing colours or naming a horse, there are forms to be filled in.