Why choose us?

Ingmanthorpe Racing Stables est. 2009

There are hundreds of racehorse trainers in the UK. Some are good, some are better. Some are more expensive than others. Some can train winners, many don't. Some communicate with their owners, most don't. Some can look at a horse and see quality and value, a lot don't. Here are some of the reasons why Richard Guest is the trainer for you...

Racing is entertaining and a source of fun. If you have spent money on buying a horse and are paying for it to be trained, you should be able to have continuous involvement with your horse if you want to. You should be able to speak to your trainer and other staff regularly to keep up to date on the horse's progress and health. You should be able to visit when you and your friends want a day out. There is nothing better than standing at the end of the gallops with your family and friends watching your horse galloping towards you at thirty miles an hour, and flashing past you in a blur of horse and jockey. We will ensure you are that you get the best experience from your ownership.

You will be made welcome and be treated with respect when you visit us. Everyone at the stables values its owners so highly that Ingmanthorpe Stables provides a dedicated owners hospitality area where you can sit and relax and discuss your horse with those that know the answers, whilst, at the same time perhaps, keeping up-to-date with your business.

Going racing as an owner can be a strange business if you aren't used to it. Where do you go and when ? We will look after you on the racecourse and make sure you enjoy the experience. We will ensure you get to the parade ring to meet your jockey before the race, reach the winners' enclosure when you get lucky, collect your prize and CELEBRATE IN STYLE!

When you start the journey with us, we will be happy to advise you on which horse to buy and what it should cost. We will get you the best value for your budget, however big or small. Unless you are an expert, horses look very similar but we c:an see the differences between swans and geese. If you need our advice, it is there for the asking.

Horses are important to us in sickness as much as when they are healthy. They are animals and athletes.. We have the best veterinary advice available to us.

We recognise that our owners don't have unlimited funds: so our training rates are at a level which is fair to you. We do not add on needless extras to our bills. We want you to feel you are getting value for money. The owner/trainer relationship should be a lifelong one based on honesty, trust and mutual respect.